OUR TEAMDavid Sheehan

Principal SolicitorDavid Sheehan

“David is an expert litigator and the ultimate three-dimensional chess player. His advice is rarely wrong.”

The firm was founded by David, who was a barrister for approximately 14 years before he decided to open the practice.  From the very start of his career David has always specialized in court work and litigation. Given his background as a barrister he has a level of expertise and knowledge of the courts system that most solicitors will never achieve. David tends to confine himself to high value litigation cases. However, he has an innate desire to vindicate his clients rights and goes to extraordinary lengths to serve his clients. For David, every case is important. He has a wealth of wisdom and experience in law and in life. In litigation, he has an ability to predict his counterparts’ next move with uncanny prescience. He is the ultimate three-dimensional chess player and his advice is rarely wrong.   If you would like to discuss a personal injury case or litigation matter with David please call him by clicking the link below.  David will be happy to give you a free telephone consultation to discuss your case and to establish whether our firm would be suitable for your needs.  

David has a special interest in horses and agricultural shows. He has been a board member of the Irish shows association for the past 25 years. In 2018 and 2019 he was the ISA National President and during the course of those two years he visited almost every agricultural show for both north and south of the border.